New to Site

The goal of this website is to provide a risk-free, easy and safe way for Emergency Services Personnel to buy and sell their items. One way to maintain the integrity of the site is through the registration process. Your work email is essential to proving that you are in fact an Emergency Services employee. The alternate email address that is requested is the email address that you want to actually use for sign in purposes in the future, as we do not want to use our professional email address for personal purposes.

The quickest way to register is to use the Create an Account button at the top of the page. Once you have filled out this form your account will be submitted for approval. At this time, please email us from your work account to confirm your email address for approval. [email protected]

The second way to register is to use the Create an Account tab at the top of this page and scan your Work ID/Badge and email to [email protected] or photocopy your Work ID/Badge and mail to us at